Business English Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Business English Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Business Law (Duration: 30 Hours)

Business Law is a 30 hour course. It is an extensive new business English course which brings the real world international business into the classroom. It was developed in association with the Financial Times. The key features are that they use authentic texts from the Financial Times and other sources, up-to date business topics and issues, comprehensive language and skills practice and highly motivating case studies. This course concentrates on reading skills and vocabulary development for studies specialising in business law.

Sales & Purchase (Duration: 30 Hours)

English for Sale is a 30 hour course. It is ideal for both buyers and sales professionals, who require fluent business English to manage international clients, deal with foreign dealers and suppliers, attend international exhibitions, deal with complaints and inquiries to resolve them efficiently. English for Sales and Purchase presents the essential expressions and conversation techniques that will enable successful communication in different situations. Every lesson presents realistic scenarios and specific themes for selling and purchasing, such as approaching a new client, selecting potential suppliers, developing proposals, preparing of negotiations, typing up orders and deliveries, and dealing with or making complaints. It is suitable for professionals who have direct contact with customers for sales & purchase in a variety of contexts, including hotels, banks, help-desks, merchandisers, salesmen, sales representatives, customer services and call centres. Participants learn the language skills, professional techniques, and specific strategies they need to communicate successfully in English with customers.

English course for business law, sales and purchase start from AED 999, For more information kindly contact us on the above given number.

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